First Class Finish®

The Official Los Angeles County Mercedes-Benz Lease Return Center

What better way to wrap up your First Class Lease® than with the First Class Finish®?



What is the First Class Finish®?

To ensure you have a seamless lease-end experience, we have developed a process called the First Class Finish®. Designed for your convenience, it is a simple and straightforward way to understand your options and responsibilities at lease-end.


What is The Three-Point Inspection?

Before you returning your vehicle, we suggest you take a few minutes to do your own Three-Point Inspection using the criteria in your lease-end guide (sent to you 90 days before your maturity date). This is the same criteria that will be used for your final vehicle inspection at turn-in. You may choose to repair damages, if any, prior to your lease return. You can contact Mercedes-Benz of Encino to schedule an optional Vehicle Condition Review to prepare for your lease-end inspection and provide you with time and money-saving options.


What choices will I have at the end of my lease?

  • Upgrade – Exchange your current Mercedes-Benz for a new Mercedes-Benz
  • Extend – Extend your current Mercedes-Benz lease
  • Purchase – Purchase or refinance your Mercedes-Benz
  • Return – Our Lease Return Team will assist you in finalizing your lease

Who do I contact with Lease-End questions?

Contact Mercedes-Benz of Encino and talk to a member of our Lease Return Team at 888 280-0902.